Trump's 'attempted economic assassination' hammers Turks, helps Erdogan

Trump's 'attempted economic assassination' hammers Turks, helps Erdogan

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His message has found support in a country that has grown used to his Trump-style economic nationalism — to the despair of his critics.

“This crisis is totally the fault of Erdogan, but he blames America and people believe him,” said a 70-year-old retired teacher who gave her name as Muzeyyen. “Erdogan is just like Trump — he tells people what they want to hear.”

On a fixed retirement pension but facing rising food prices, she said she would save money by not buying new clothes until the economy improves.

Former lawmaker Baris Yarkadaş, who is now spokesman for the opposition CHP party, said Turkey’s crisis was caused by out-of-control government spending on construction contracts that mainly benefit Erdogan’s allies.

“This investment is only to make money for his family or friends,” he said. “If you look at the media, there is no sign of a crisis, but when people started to feel the crisis for themselves, Erdogan made an issue of this priest, Brunson.”


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