Travel Round-up: Favourite family travel posts

Travel Round-up: Favourite family travel posts

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travelHello, I’m Gretta and my blog is Mums do travel. I’m delighted to be taking over from the lovely Trish as editor of the monthly BritMums travel round-up. I’m sure you’ll all agree that Trish has done a fantastic job for the last five years – thank you Trish for all of the support that you’ve given to the family travel blogger community.

For my first round-up I asked for links to your favourite family travel posts by other bloggers. You’ve sent some wonderful, inspirational posts and I’ve really enjoyed reading all of them – I hope that you do too. Here they are, in the order in which I received them.

Your favourite travel posts

Off the beaten track in Champagne

by Jonathan Orr, The adventures of Daisy the bus.

Submitted by Nell Heshram, the Pigeon Pair and me.

Nell says: ‘Daisy the Bus is one of my favourites. Jonny always has a wry take on Europe’s hidden treasure, and this post is a perfect example. It’s an evocative account of a spontaneous trip to an unspoilt part of France’s Champagne region.’

Flying and Formula Feeding

by Wandermust Family.

Submitted by Jenny, TraveLynn Family.

Jenny says: ’Mums who breastfeed generally find air travel much more straightforward than those who formula feed. With so many rules about what you can and cannot take on a flight these days, it can be quite a minefield! I love how Wandermust Family uncomplicates all the myths and provides clear, trustworthy advice for any formula-feeding Mum.’

No “Back home” – Munich

by Emma Raphael, The Sojourn Series.

Submitted by Sarah Ebner, Family Travel Times.

Sarah says: ‘You asked for a fave blog post. I’ve gone for this one, which I found really moving, from Emma Raphael. I thought it was beautifully written too.’

Wonky Town – Lavenham, Suffolk

by Emma Raphael, The Sojourn Series.

Submitted by Marianne Weekes, Mari’s World.

Marianne says: ‘This is a beautiful post on a trip to Suffolk, there’s even Harry Potter mentioned.’

Mysore with kids: top 5 things to do

by Jenny, TraveLynn Family.

Submitted by Leona, Wandermust Family.

Leona says: ‘I really enjoyed this post by Travelynn Family. I have really enjoyed following on with the Travelynn Family adventures as they relocate and explore India. This post on Mysore really highlights how you can still travel to adventurous places if you travel in the right way and adjust expectations


by Nell Heshram, the Pigeon Pair and me.

Submitted by Lisa Jane, Travel Loving Family.

Lisa says: ‘I love this post featuring the Glénan Islands in France by Nell from Travel with the Pigeon Pair and Me. In fact this post alone convinced me to book a two week motorhome trip along the Southern coast of Brittany this summer! Thanks for the inspiration Nell ;)’


by Cathy Winston, Mummy Travels.

Submitted by Nichola West, Globalmouse Travels.

Nichola says: ‘I love this post because it’s an area of the world I know very little about and Cathy really brought it alive with her words and beautiful photography and made me want to visit. She really got under the skin of Sal, Cape Verde and packed so much in, her post really is the perfect travel guide for families wanting to visit.’

Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda and Kids!

by Karen Beddow, Mini Travellers.

Submitted by Sarah Christie, Extraordinary Chaos.

Sarah says: ‘I would like to submit Karen’s Gorilla post. It looks like an incredible experience – my heart was in my mouth during that video! I am not sure this sort of trip is in my comfort zone but I really admire Karen for taking that trip with her family.’

Bluestone on a budget. Guide to saving money whilst at Bluestone, Wales 

by Lisa Jane, Travel Loving Family.

Submitted by Karen Beddow, Mini Travellers.

Karen says: ‘I’ve read a lot of reviews about Bluestone over the last few years but I think Lisa’s review incorporating ways to save money and do it on a budget is really helpful.’

THANK YOU To All Who Gave To Help Feed Poor Kenyan Families

by Exploramum & Explorason.

Submitted by me, Gretta Schifano, Mums do travel.

I say: ‘Exploramum is a single mum who is travelling the world with her son. They often help people with random acts of kindness on their travels, with the support of their readers, and this post is about what they did in Kenya. I find it inspirational to read about how these two travellers are making a difference to people with their thoughtful actions.’

Next round-up

For the September travel round-up I’d like to hear about your summer travels. If you have a travel post from this summer which you’d like to be included, please send the link to me on Twitter @grettaschifano by Monday 28th August.

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