NY Times senior staff editor taunted Antonin Scalia after justice's death, report says

NY Times senior staff editor taunted Antonin Scalia after justice's death, report says

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A current senior staff editor at The New York Times made light of the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia in a series of tasteless tweets, The Daily Caller reported Wednesday.

Scalia, known for originalist interpretations of the Constitution, died suddenly in February 2016 while vacationing at a ranch in Marfa, Texas.

Upon hearing the news, the Daily Caller reported, Raillian Brooks let loose with a series of posts mocking the late justice. One read: “Obama’s mixtape goes on sale at Scalia’s funeral.”

Eight minutes later, Brooks tweeted: “can we all take a second to appreciate that Scalia died in F—ING MARFA?” The Daily Caller reported that seventeen minutes later, Brooks tweeted: “someone edited Scalia’s wikipedia [sic] page to say he died of ‘Attempted Self Fellatio’ and I just … I left it there.”

A couple hours later, Brooks tweeted a statement by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, with the message: “Scalia’s Rotating Corpse Solves Energy Crisis.”

Brooks, whose Twitter profile includes the disclaimer “all opinions gratuitous,” was not working at the Times at the time of Scalia’s death. According to his LinkedIn page, he left an assistant editor job at The Huffington Post’s “Highline” digital magazine for a senior editor position at the Village Voice in February 2016. He was hired by the Times a year later, in February 2017.

Neither Brooks nor representatives for the Times responded to Fox News’ requests for comment.


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