Meet the Doctor Behind Abortion by Drone, Mail, Boat

Meet the Doctor Behind Abortion by Drone, Mail, Boat

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There’s one thing that both anti-abortion and abortion-rights activists agree on. A shift is underway in Europe — in politics, prosecution and protest. Battle lines are drawn for what threatens to be a nasty fight, with both sides taking cues from the U.S. In the final installment of a five-part series, NBC News examines the debate.


AMSTERDAM — Dr. Rebecca Gomperts is chatting animatedly on the phone, going back and forth between her laptop and the massive windows flooding the room with light.

Tucked in the corner of its sill is a small replica of a sailboat — a bit of the old mixed in with the new.

On this quiet street in east Amsterdam, the seeds of rebellion are being sown. Or, rather, shipped.

Ten years ago, Gomperts took to the seas to try and ensure that women could safely terminate unwanted pregnancies — and today her vessel is the web. She has even sent abortion pills across borders by drone.

Image: Br. Rebecca Gomperts

Dr. Rebecca Gomperts