How to travel: 12 travel beauty hacks for your best holiday ever

How to travel: 12 travel beauty hacks for your best holiday ever

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12 travel beauty tips and hacksAlthough travel can often be a time for us to let our hair down and shake off our usual routines, it’s also one of our most photographed times – so it’s nice to still feel as though we look good, and a little polished.

But with flight restrictions regarding the amount of liquid you take in your carry-on luggage, and the ever-present fear of exploding shampoo plus dehydrating cabin air all collude to try and bring down our travel beauty dreams.

However, there are a few sneaky hacks to use in order to up our travel beauty game.

Read on for our top beauty tips and hacks to make the most of your holiday look.

Top travel beauty hacks

Treat yourself to a luxury facial

travel beauty hacks - try a luxury facial

Whether you’re flying long or short haul, we all know aeroplane travel can be really dehydrating for your skin. Upping your water intake and minimising those glasses of free bubbly are the key to arriving feeling and looking fresh as a daisy.

But another, much more relaxing way to achieve that celebrity glow when you land, is to stop by the Creme de la Mer counter in Duty Free for one of their signature luxury facials.

And the best thing about these Duty Free beauty services is being able to stock up on dinky sample sizes perfect for your hand luggage, that will last your entire holiday.

Slim down your toiletries

travel beauty hacks - makeup brush in pot

Never mind the beach body diet, most of us need to lose some weight from hefty toiletry bags. Because almost all of us take far too many toiletries on holiday, and that extra weight can really start to add up.

Taking full size shampoo and conditioners, several bottles of suncream, make-up alongside any added holiday extras we might take – such as five lipsticks instead of one, really, add to the weight. So lighten the load. Instead of taking a hair serum, leave-in conditioner and styling prep spray simply take one product that does the job of all three.

Of course, it’s not always easy to do this and sometimes you can’t slim down the number of products you take with you, so instead, slim down the amount of product you take.

Muji have a great range of empty plastic bottles – from sprays, squeezable tubes and dinky little pots – which you can niftily decant your full-sized products into – to TSA approved smaller sizes. And even if you don’t choose to take these in your carry-on luggage, you will save loads of space in your bag for souvenirs instead.

Stay hydrated and stock up on O2

Travel beauty hacks for every destination - water is the way to go

It may be dull, but drinking lots of water on your flight and throughout your trip will help your skin to remain as fresh and moisturised as possible. Make sure you pack rehydration sachets along with a product rich in hyaluronic acid, which is perfect for plumping dehydrated skin.

This is particularly important when you’re off to a hot country where you might find yourself more dehydrated than usual and perhaps even a little sunburnt (always wear suncream!).

For those who really struggle with jet-lag, there’s a nifty hack for you in the form of good old Oxygen! With 95-98% pure, natural oxygen packed into a hand portable can, Boost Oxygen is a brilliant product to take with you on your next flight to fight fatigue, and dull skin caused by lack of oxygen.

Switch to solids

Travel beauty hacks for every destination

If you simply can’t face decanting your liquids, think about switching them for solids.

There are now a plethora of products on the market offering traditional products in solid form, and some of them are completely genius.

La Roche Posay offer their amazing Anthelios broad spectrum SPF in solid form, with a mirror, a bonus feature for keeping yourself pristine on the beach.

Lush are the undisputed ‘Queens of solid’ and you’ll find all manner of weird and wonderful products inside their heavily scented stores. But don’t be put off by the throngs of teenage girls buying glittery bath bombs in the cornucopia of delicious smelling products, because within them you’ll find some serious gems.

From solid shampoo bars, to conditioners, soaps and face cleansers, you’ll also find their fantastic solid sunblock. It takes a little getting used to at first (you essentially ‘wash’ it on), but once you try it you’ll be hooked.

Take multitasking products

travel beauty hacks

Nobody wants to leave every little luxury at home. After all, holiday is about relaxation and enjoyment, not abstinence. But instead of taking five products, why not find one that does the job of three of them?

There are plenty of products out there made to be multi-taskers (Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge for lips and cheeks is a great example) however you can also use your existing products for some extra trickery. Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream is great to use as a lip-balm, moisturiser for super dry, or sunburnt spots, for adding a little sheen to your cheekbones and even as a hair serum.

Skip your usual primer and foundation, and take a BB or CC cream instead which will do the job of both, plus give you some added skin benefits such as SPF, colour correction, serum etc). Clinique has a fantastic range of products in this category, but their Moisture Surge CC Cream is truly one of the best CC creams around.

Beauty Hacks to Arrive Revived

When luggage space is tight and time is of the essence, try these genius tips from Clinique to streamline, multi-task, and pack like a pro.

Go mini

Even if your beauty products are within the 100ml limit, there’s still no need to lug around the entire bottle for only a few days away. Save space – and avoid making airport security any more challenging than it needs to be by bringing minis of your skincare favourites. Start collecting travel sizes for just the right amount of product, and an emptier suitcase on return. Or take this as an opportunity to road test something new – head to your favourite beauty counter and snag a bag-full of samples.

Play mixologist

Lounging by the pool is not the time for heavy foundation. Streamline your makeup bag and just pack a tube of concealer, like the long-wearing All About Eyes Concealer, to conceal travel-induced blemishes and hide any dark under-eye circles. If you need a little more coverage, mix your concealer with a gel moisturiser, like Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief, for sheer and hydrating, all-over coverage.

Streamline your makeup bag with the All About Eyes concealer which doubles as a foundation

Bronze is the new black

Don’t waste precious holiday time perfecting a multi-layered smoky eye. For a more seasonally appropriate take on night time glam, all you need is one does-it-all powder bronzer. First, enhance your naturally sun-kissed complexion by dusting True Bronze Pressed Powder Bronzer along your cheekbones, nose, jawline, and temples using a large, fluffy brush. Next, sweep the bronzer over your eyelids and use your finger to lightly apply the bronzer along your lower lash line. Finish with a brown eyeliner for a moonlight-ready smoky eye in five minutes flat.

Achieve the sun-kissed and smoky eyes look with True Bronzer

Go solid

Avoid the inevitable suitcase spillage by opting for solid formulas whenever possible. When it comes to makeup remover, look for a solid balm formula such as the Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm.

Solids are the way to go for your suitcase, pack a cleansing balm for your skincare regime

Smooth operator

Here’s a multi-tasking product you don’t even have to pack: Hair conditioner. It’s a genius swap for shaving cream and is most likely already in your hotel shower. The same moisturising ingredients that hydrate the hair on your head can also soften the hair on your body to help prep your skin for nick-free shaving.

Swap shaving cream for your hotel hair conditioner for a space-saving swap

Don’t leave home without a red lipstick

A bold red lipstick can solve (almost) any problem. The right red can instantly brighten up your complexion, make your teeth look whiter, your smile brighter, and grab attention wherever you go. Blot it down with a tissue for a pretty daytime lip stain, or swipe on two coats when you need to glam up your look. It’s the ultimate travel sidekick.

Red lipsticks are the way to go to transform your look from day to night


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