Google Maps user finds Disney’s hiding spot for the Millennium Falcon

Google Maps user finds Disney’s hiding spot for the Millennium Falcon

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While “Star Wars” fans have been eagerly awaiting any snippet of information they can gather on the upcoming film “The Last Jedi,” a huge piece of the series has been hiding in plain sight.

Twitter user Kevin Beaumont unearthed an entirely identified flying object while exploring the grounds surrounding film and TV production facility Longcross Studios on Google Maps. The Google service, which allows users to navigate through the streets and natural wonders of the world through countless satellite images, uncovered a view of the Millennium Falcon from above, hidden near the U.K. studio by what appear to be shipping containers.

The large containers completely surround the Falcon, seemingly to prevent passersby from seeing the famed ship in all her glory. In fact, the satellite image shows cars traveling on the road right next to the containers, unaware of the treasure that lies behind them.

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Disney’s secretive plan, however, was thwarted by Beaumont, who shared the image on Twitter, adding, “Lol Disney tried to hide the Millennium Falcon by surrounding it with shipping containers. Also, it’s on Google Maps.”

Longcross Studios, which lies just outside of London, has been the site of production for films like “Skyfall,” “Thor 2,” and “Fast and Furious 6,” and presumably plays a role in the making of “The Last Jedi” as well. Evidently, the studio has become a kind of storage facility for the Falcon while it’s not in use, and although the craft has been around since the very first “Star Wars” film, it seems she’ll live to fight another day.

Although we can’t say exactly how the Falcon will be used in the new film, there’s a good chance fans will be able to see the ship in action when “The Last Jedi” premieres on December 15.

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