Ariana Grande gets sixth tattoo honoring fiancé Pete Davidson

Ariana Grande gets sixth tattoo honoring fiancé Pete Davidson

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Pete Davidson‘s tattoo artist may have cautioned the comedian against getting relationship tattoos, but it seems that neither he nor his fiancée plan on heeding that advice.

On Thursday, Ariana Grande fans noticed a brand-new addition to her extensive collection of body art. In an Instagram photo posted by Grande’s manicurist, Davidson’s first name can be seen tattooed across the pop star’s left-hand ring finger in dainty cursive — just above her $93,000 engagement ring.

This marks the “Dangerous Woman” singer’s sixth tattoo in honor of her fiancé of one month.

The first was a set of matching cloud tattoos she and Davidson got on their left-hand middle fingers, shortly followed by two more sets of matching tattoos — ink reading “REBORN” as well as tattoos of “H2GKMO,” one of Ariana’s favorite acronyms which stands for “Honest to God, knock me out.” Eagle-eyed fans also spotted the numbers 8418 across the top of Ariana’s left ankle, the badge number of her betrothed’s firefighter father who died on September 11, as well as the word “always” across her rib cage in what appears to be the “SNL” star’s handwriting.

Many of Grande’s followers questioned whether her latest tiny tattoo is actually an ode to her beau, with one fan tweeting, “does her tattoo say ‘pete’ ‘alexa’ or ‘sexe’ because everyone’s saying different things omg.” But it seems that Grande subtly confirmed it to be a permanent declaration of her love, favoriting a response that said “definitely pete” as well as a joke about it being “arturo” in reference to a song from her latest album “Sweetener.”

This article originally appeared in Page Six.


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