7 reasons you must travel with your girl gang

7 reasons you must travel with your girl gang

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Girls just wanna have fun!

Solo travel is a whole lot of fun but traveling with your girl gang is a unique experience in itself. Don’t let your family life or job steal away your precious friends. Take some time out and plan a trip with your girl gang. No matter whether you visit a beach or go on a nature trail, it will be one crazy trip with endless gossip and lot of laughter. The trip will not only strengthen the bond you share with your friends but will also let you be ‘You’. You will return with a bag full of memories. If you are still not convinced to explore the world with your girls, we list seven reasons why you should. (ALSO SEE 5 things Indians do when they fly abroad for the first time)

1. You have your friends watching your back


Travelling is fun but there is always the concern about safety. With your friends around, you will be little relaxed. You can have one more drink after your last one or roam around the town at night when you are with your gang.

2. You will not miss any attraction


Photograph courtesy: Poek/Creative Commons

Your friends will not let you pass any tourist attraction without drawing your attention to it. Exploring a new place with your friends will increase the chances of seeing something new.

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3. You can rave about those little things

welcome drink

Photograph courtesy: caloy samson/Creative Commons

You can rave about the scenery, the cute little café or the delicious welcome drink at your hotel and nobody will stop you. In fact, they will join in. You and your friends have the same taste.

4. You will get motherly reminders


They will remind you about the charger, sunscreen creams, passport or deodorant. They will also offer unsolicited advice not just to you but to everyone they meet.

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5. Lots of photos with crazy poses


Your trip is incomplete without photos with the crazy pose. With a crazy bunch of friends, you will have so many suggestions for a pose, each crazier than the previous one. Let your hair down and enjoy this time.

6. You will not be homesick

Not homesick

Travelling with your friends will not let you be homesick. They will cheer you up when you a down and miss your partner. You will not have a dull moment with them around.

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7. You will remember this trip

Travel photo

Because they won’t let you forget it. You and your group will have innumerable sessions of ‘remember when’. Travel memories will remain fresh, thanks to your friends.

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First Published: June 1, 2016


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